RSO Funding


The Senate is in charge of allocating of Activity & Service Fee funds to Registered Student Organizations, or RSOs. These funds help cover the cost of conference registration and travel (through the CRT committee), and events and promotional materials (through the FAO committee) that an RSO may require. In order to request any type of funding, two of the RSO’s authorized officers must complete the Financial Training Workshop offered by the Activity and Service Fee Business Office, which outlines the funding request and allocation process. This training must be completed each year. If you still have questions about the process after the Financial Training Workshop, please contact the Protempore’s office.

How to Receive Funding

  1. FIRST AND FOREMOST: Registered Student Organizations must complete an Office of Student Involvement (OSI) Update Form each Fall, Spring, and after officer elections prior to seeking SGA funding.
  2. Complete Financial Training.
  3. Fill out Allocation Request Forms (see below for direct links). If an RSO, the individual who completed the form online is expected to either come to committee and or send a knowledgeable authorized officer that knows all cost breakdown details to committee.
  4. Attend CRT and or FAO Committee meeting(s) following your submission date. Disregard Knight Connect’s automated email response and attend posted committee meeting times regardless (Subject to change based on Holidays).
    1. Note that funding requests must be submitted with a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks prior to the event/conference date. For international travel, at least 6 to 8 weeks prior.
    2. If unable to attend, email the CRT ( or FAO Chair(s) ( to represent you and provide them all the information needed about the conference. Include conference purpose and benefit to the student body alongside the cost breakdown and requested cost etc.
    3. SGA does not provide funding for things you have already paid for.
  5. If approved, remember your Allocation number i.e. CRT 49-XXX and or FAO 49-XXX, and meet with an accountant in A&SF SU 215 immediately after Senate approval (the following Monday after approval).
    1. Note that Accountants need all paperwork completed i.e. w-9, group travel rosters, purchase orders etc. (as listed in financial training) with a minimum of 10 business days prior to event/travel dates (plan on completing these forms before the 10 business day time frame).
  6. If you are requesting funding for an FAO event, you must submit promotional artwork approval for your event to ORC (see form below) the same week your FAO Allocation funding request is submitted.

For any further inquiries regarding SGA funding forms, students may email the Senate Pro Tempore at and or the Deputy of Senate Operations at Please see below for direct links to the Knight Connect SGA Forms page(s):

Allow your browser ‘cache’ and ‘cookies’ to grant you access Knight Connect forms in the scenario that you are unable to access these. If the problem persists, use a different browser i.e. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Fox, Safari etc. For further inquiries email


SGA Funding Update:   The new fiscal year has begun and we are now accepting funding requests through KnightConnect. 



Spending Policies

For FAO and ORC suggested vendors include, but are not limited to the following (research other vendors for alternative pricing options): Staples (The Spot), 4Imprint, Crestline, ePromos, Wizard Creations, Im-press Ink, First Choice Promos, Discount Mugs etc.

Logos for Promo Materials

SGA Logos to use for Promotional Material: