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Scantrons and Printing

Free Scantrons and Green Books

Photo of a Scantron and blue bookSince its inception, the SGA “Free Scantron Initiative” has provided Scantrons, free of cost, to tens of thousands of students each year. While the program’s primary intention was to encourage students to seek out the SGA office and meet their representatives, it quickly evolved into a service that students relied on. In 2011, the McCann-Brock Administration extended this service to include free blue books (now green books), fulfilling the needs of students in different disciplines.

SGA wants students to succeed in their classes, and providing testing materials free of charge is just one way we work towards that goal. Additionally, SGA provides a variety of scholarships each semester, for a broad range of students. We also provide free printing (see below), and 24-hour study spaces.  Several times throughout the semseter, we provide free breakfast to students at our Brain Food events, to keep your mind fueled during classes, exams, homework, and projects, so check out our calendar for Brain Food events and others!

How do I get a free Scantron/Green Book?

Scantrons and Green Books can be picked up at the SGA office during regular office hours (8am-5pm Mon-Fri), or at the Student Union’s information desk after 5pm (Mon-Fri).  Just bring your UCF Student ID!

How many can I get?

You may pick up one free item per day, with a limit of three green books per semester.  If you have more than one  exam on a single day, be sure to plan ahead!  Scantrons and Green Books can still be purchased in several vending machines on campus, and at the bookstore. SGA wishes you good luck on your exam!

What’s a Green Book?

A Green Book is just like a traditional Blue Book used for written exams, but it’s made of 30% post-consumer recycled paper!  Cool, huh?

Free Printing and Computer Labs

Photo of the SGA Main Computer LabSpent all night writing your paper but just realized you have to turn in a hard copy? Have no fear! SGA provides free printing to students in several locations:

These spaces are funded by SGA and operated by our friends at the Student Union.