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Social Justice

Social Justice Initiatives

  • Have arts students at UCF commissioned to paint a mural in the Student Union that embodies the spirit and diversity of UCF’s large student body in the heart of campus.
  • Work with UCF Student Conduct to create a first-time offender’s program for marijuana and alcohol use that centers more on education and less on punitive sanctions for first-time offenders.
  • Create a Pulse Remembrance Day as a University holiday to show unity, remembrance, and support for a community-wide tragedy.
  • Honor Holocaust Remembrance Day as a University holiday in support of the Jewish student population and the Holocaust’s great historical tragedies.
  • Advocate for a week-long celebration of black heritage to be observed by all UCF Faculty and Staff members to allow students to engage in a celebration of their cultural identity.
  • Increase availability of feminine hygiene products in bathrooms in the Student Union and around campus, and install baby changing tables for Student Union restrooms.
  • Organize a female student leadership conference that focuses on equity, engagement, and empowerment of female student leaders and allows them to share their experiences with one another to take back to their organizations.  
  • Create the SGA Division of Diversity and Inclusion to model the University’s continued commitment to equity and diversity at the student level.
  • Advocate that medical withdrawals be extended for maternity leave to promote equality of opportunity for pregnant students.
  • Work with the UCF Health Center to bring third-party organizations to campus for increased STD and STI testing in order to ensure the health of more students.
  • Work with the UCF Health Center to increase insurance options in the Health Center’s network so that students with many different insurance options have access to the services the Health Center offers at a lower cost.