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Campus Improvements

Campus Improvement Initiatives

  • Collaborate with UCF Athletics to add beer and alcohol sales at Spectrum Stadium during football season.
  • Advocate for an increase to the Student Legal Services budget to provide free tax services to students.
  • Cultivate opportunities for members of the Greek community and members of the larger student population to have conversations regarding student perception of Greek Life and to foster a better understanding of the roles each group plays on campus.
  • Work with UCF PD and Parking Services to stop the administration of parking tickets during finals week and after 7 P.M. on weekdays.
  • Rework deal with Lime company to bring motorized Lime Scooters to campus in addition to the Lime Bikes.
  • Work with Parking Services to provide free overnight parking options to students in on-campus parking garages.
  • Use the SGA platform to increase funding and marketing for on-campus mental health services such as CAPS.
  • Create a University-wide program to aid students in the transition to the new Downtown Campus starting in the Fall.
  • Collaborate with Rosen Life to host events and provide resources to increase the student involvement and experience on the Rosen campus.
  • Set up public forums with the Graduate Student Association (GSA) to ensure that graduate student needs are being heard, understood, and met appropriately so that graduate students feel adequately represented by their Student Government.