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Initiative Tracker

This page is currently being updated and some information may be missing. Please be patient as we finalize our tracker to best communicate everything we’re doing to serve you!

Welcome to the 2019-2020 Gray and Mills Administration Initiative Tracker! In the blocks below, you can see every major project have have worked on and are currently working to complete for you.

Each initiative is shown in a color-coded initiative block to indicate our progress.

The Black initiatives are those that are currently incomplete, but are in progress. The Gray initiatives indicate those where we have hit a road block but are committed to completing for you. Gold initiatives are those that have been completed.

By clicking on each initiative block, you can see a detailed description of which member is the leader of that initiative and what they intend to accomplish upon its completion.

You can also choose to message the director directly about an initiative by clicking I want to get involved! with any questions, concerns, or any solutions that we haven’t thought of!