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Info:All SGA applications are hosted on Knight Connect. Please make sure you are signed in to Knight Connect before trying to access an application.

Executive Branchclick to close

Executive Branchclick to open

Applications for Nick & Christina’s Executive Cabinet are currently closed.

For any questions about positions on the Executive Branch, please contact The Chief of Staff at

Legislative Branchclick to close

Legislative Branchclick to open

Applications for Senate are currently closed.

For any questions regarding seats in the Legislative Branch, please contact the Speaker of the Senate at or the President Pro Tempore at

Judicial Branchclick to close

Judicial Branchclick to open

Applications for the Judicial Branch are currently closed.

For any questions, please contact The Chief Justice.

Election Commissionclick to close

Election Commissionclick to open

Applications for the Election Commission are currently closed.

For any questions about the Election Commission, please contact The Supervisor of Elections.

Other Openingsclick to close

Other Openingsclick to open

Marketing Street Team applications are closed. For inquiries regarding Street Team, contact the Marketing Coordinator at

Student Government Leadership Council. For inquiries regarding SGLC, please contact the SGLC coordinator at