Universal Knights


Get ready for the best Knight of the year. Universal Knights is back and will be hosted at Universal’s Islands of Adventures on Sunday April 15, from 4:00PM to 1:00AM.

Ticket distribution will be online through Ticketmaster this year meaning there will be no lines. That’s right, there will be NO more of waiting in line this year. For more information makes sure to read below.


Date and Time of Universal Knights:
Sunday, April 15th from 4pm – 1am
Universal Knights 2018 will take place at Islands of Adventure.
How many tickets is SGA giving away this year?
12,000. Enough for you and 11,999 of your closest friends.
What about parking?
Students will be emailed a free parking pass for the Universal parking garage, allowing them to start parking at 3pm on April 15th.
Will there be busses this year?
SGA will provide busing to and from the park at preselected times. Emails will be sent to students who received a ticket to book their seats, first come first serve.
Can non-UCF students attend too?
Anyone who isn’t a student and students without tickets to Universal Knights can still attend with the purchase of a $57 guest ticket by a UCF student. The tickets will be sold at the Universal Orlando gate to the first 2,000 guests.
I have a valid Universal Orlando Resort pass, will that work for Universal Knights?
Annual, seasonal, and daily passes will only work until 8pm on April 15th. Following that time, everyone without a Universal Knights wristband will be asked to leave the park.
What do I need to get into the park?
You will need your ticket and your wristband. If you are taking the bus, you will also need your student ID.
Will there be food?
You can buy food at Islands of Adventure!


No lines? What? Tell me more!

How can I get a ticket?
If you are a UCF student taking classes this semester, you are eligible to get a ticket. Ticket vouchers will be reserved through Ticketmaster online beginning on March 25th at 4pm.

How can I access the Ticketmaster online distribution?
1. A link will be posted on all forms of social media (@UCFSGA) and will be sent out in a campus wide email. In addition, a password to access the link will be included in the email.
2. Follow the link on March 25th at 4pm and enter the password. Tickets will go fast!
3. Follow the instructions on the link and select which date you will pick up your ticket in person at the Live Oak Ballroom in Ferrel Commons.
4. Finish and Check Out! You will receive an email from Ticketmaster with the confirmation of your ticket voucher and more instructions.

How do I get my ticket after I reserve a voucher on Ticketmaster?
Show up at the Live Oak Ballroom in Ferrel Commons on the day you selected with the print out or email receipt of your Ticketmaster voucher and your student ID.
What if I show up on a different day than I selected?
You MUST show up on the day you selected or you will not be able to redeem your ticket.
What time can I pick up my ticket?
Anytime between 10am and 3pm on the day you selected.
So no lines this year?
You’re right! No lines this year for ticket distribution!
Can I sell my Universal Knights ticket?
No! These tickets were bought with student funds so selling will be a violation of the Golden Rule.
What if I lose my wristband?
You must have a wristband to get into the park! No exceptions.