Fall 2017 Senate Candidates

The Fall 2017 Senate Elections are from 10/2 – 10/4, please vote on your MyUCF account.

Please check the Elections Timeline for more information.

College First Name Last Name Platform
Arts and Humanities  Emilia Kosonen

Emilia’s Platform

  • Work with the director of the Student Union to open new restaurants on campus that offer a variety of healthy options for students with dietary restrictions.
  • Work on getting more gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, vegan, kosher, and halal options in our dining halls, and ensure that they are clearly labeled.
  • Work with the health center to fund a vaginal ultrasound machine.
  • Ensure that students who live on campus have a safe place to stay between semesters.
  • Help establish a branch of Fleet Farming at UCF for students to grow their own food on campus.
Arts and Humanities  Antione Fields

Antione’s Platform

  • Work on environmental sustainability around campus by providing additional recycling bins and trash cans.
  • Work on opening restaurants that provide healthier alternatives for students.
  • Create a standardized system for students to be able to make up work due to hurricane evacuations.
  • Establish a system that better advocates for Resident Assistants and other student officials.
Business Jeremy Batista

Jeremy’s Platform

  • Student discount for LinkedIn Premium.
  • Student evaluations for professors need to be taken more seriously.
  • Better student course advising.
  • Roundtable of RSO Presidents for Business Organizations.
  •  Better PR from SGA as a whole.
Business Corey Marcous

Corey’s Platform

I would like to improve the funding structure of student government so that more RSO’s will be able to receive funding. Another goal is to have a more informed student body within the College of Business, opening the door for students to communicate with the legislative branch and resolve student concerns. Lastly I’d like to increase the transparency of student government.

Business Spencer Lasday

Spencer’s Platform

I would begin by bringing a refreshing sense of authenticity to the senate floor. I am passionate about Entrepreneurship and Innovation as well as the people who bring it to campus. As a senator, I would like to challenge the status quo and bring sustainable endeavors to the COBA. Working on the FAO committee showed me the possibilities of funding I could get for my college as well as others by implementing a cross-curricular strategy to bring the most to campus in the most effective manner.

Education Ashley Samson

Ashley’s Platform

As a senator for the College of Education and Human Performance I plan to be a true representative for the interests of the students, not only in my college, but also throughout the campus. I hope to be a factor that provides students with the best experience possible while they attend UCF. This includes meeting face to face with organizations and students that I represent, and supporting as many of their events and academic endeavors as possible. I hope to make it so that every student can feel comfortable coming to a senator here at UCF with any question they may have about SGA or the funding process.

Engineering Jackson DiMaria

Jackson’s Platform

I would to focus on increased communication between the Senators and those we represent, the CECS students and Registered Student Organizations. I’d like to increase amount of funding that goes to these organizations for projects, professional development events, and conferences through working closely with their leadership. I understand how much these contribute to offers for internships to full time job offers and I would like to give my fellow students every opportunity they can get to land their dream job.

Engineering Daniel McLean  No platform provided.
Engineering Adam Posset

Adam’s Platform

Chegg. Professors within CECS are acknowledging Chegg as a valuable resource for students. Since the subscription fee is a heavy burden on students financially, it’s time to take action! In order to help current students, legislation will be implemented for this fee to be covered by CECS on my first day as Senator.

Engineering Richard Hyman

Richard’s Platform

  • Increase awareness around campus about SGA.
  • Create bills that will enhance student life.
  • Research student concerns and reaching a plausible resolution.
  • Cracking down on policies that hinder students improvement and development.
  • Finding problems within UCF and fixing them accordingly.
  • Make UCF a greener campus.
  • Actively listen to student organization concerns.
  • Create an even more inclusive and diversified campus.
Engineering Holland Weaver

Holland’s Platform

Improve the student experience and participation of the students within the College of Engineering and Computer Science by focusing on issues that prevent the flourishing of the students within the college, and inherently the college itself.

  • Access to more outlets (logistically difficult to implement, but we’ll figure it out, that’s what engineers do)
  • Improve parking conditions (popular and ubiquitous item, but for a good reason)
  • Increase access to various software such as MatLab, SolidWorks, AutoCad, etc., as well as LinkedIn Plus
  • Provide more tables/whiteboards in engineering atrium; provide more group study space
  • Enhance maintenance of lab equipment as well as provide equipment to students when required, such as microcontrollers/breadboards
  • Develop a Sales Engineering Major/Minor

Ensure that direct connect schools to UCF adequately cover the material necessary to allow students to smoothly transition to continuing their education at UCF.

Engineering Joseph Cubow

Joseph’s Platform

Priorities as a Senator:

  • Build Space for RSOs.
  • Identify places on campus to construct a central storage and build space for Engineering RSOs (long term).
  • Arrange shuttle system for off campus locations discovered and decided to be fitting for the RSOs by leadership (short term).
  • Improved connections with companies involved in Senior Design
  • Programs that allow students to talk to project leaders and managers outside of email but on an official platform.
  • Get students connected with other students through social media and events.
  • Analyze and plan the physical layout of Engineering Buildings to see where resources can be prioritized.
  • Finding places where more power outlets can be fed into the atrium.
Engineering Joshua  Bolona

Joshua’s Platform

General Student Body:

  • Ensure the student voice is heard through social media, surveys, and tabling. More importantly, ensure the student voice is being advocated for to SGA, UCF Administrators, and Board of Trustees. 
  • Analyze the past 4 fiscal years of Senate spending to create a fiscal policy that will get more students and organizations funding for conferences and events. 
  • Guarantee the transparency of Senate with the Student Body through monthly press releases. 
  • Lobby for the continuation of 100% Bright Future Scholarship and textbook stipend. 

College of Engineering and Computer Science:

  • Push for a location where engineering student organizations can build in a safe environment and convenient location. 
  • Seek for funding to assist students in senior design projects. 
  • Work with the Dean on measures to improve retention rates within our College.
Engineering  Haeun Kim

Haeun’s Platform

Make more space for students to study in the Engineering Buildings 

  • Fund a quiet computer lab that students can work in.
  • Add tables in the atrium.
  • Distribute more outlets with the atrium.
  • Place more white boards in the study spaces.

Keep Innovation Labs available and functional for the students.

  • Replace the tools in the lab and maintain the rules for them so that they can stay in the best conditions. Support clubs and organizations
  • Expand the space for activities, meetings and storage for the clubs and organizations so that they can have a better experience during their club activities.

Support clubs and organizations

  • Expand the space for activities, meetings and storage for the clubs and organizations so that they can have a better experience during their club activities
Engineering Eric Alsing

Eric’s Platform

My platform is based on an issue that has been worsening throughout the past few semesters; limited office space for RSO’s in the college. Working with SPECS, I will try to help gain more office work space for the RSO’s. This will make it fair for all RSO’s and allow everyone to have their own space to meet/work, whether its shared or not. I would like to push for an additional room or separate building, similar to the T.I. Innovation Lab, to be put in a place as a main or secondary option for RSO’s/individual students.

 Engineering Emmanuel Gabriel-Ohanu

Emannuel’s Platform

Vote for Emmanuel Gabriel-Ohanu: The Knight Identity

I aim to support and propose the creation of pertinent legislation that will embody the opinions of the students by efficiently utilizing in person and online senate forums. Develop means of integrating students to further participate on campus and maximize student participation and representation in the senate. This is a campus wide initiative, focused on development of the university through the students by creating an individual platform for UCF knights to develop the university Educational Reform My educational plan for UCF Knights is to ensure you receive a quality education and graduate in time with accumulating excess fees. Creating and enhancing the current structure of education will improve grades of students through the multiplicity of attempts, therefore allowing several attempts over a period of time for course work Student Accessibility Services Making UCF a more accessible campus to remove the barrier and further incorporate and encourage the participation of persons with disabilities in the UCF community RSO Collaboration and Funding I would propose that a substantial amount of the Senate Working Fund be allocated to student and RSO endeavors such as research, projects and events that will put the University of the map of educational innovation and excellence and encourage the collaboration of Organizations. Creating Professional Opportunity through Career Services

 Engineering Forrest McClellan

Forrest’s Platform

As senator I would help verify that student funds are being used properly as well as representing the students as best I can. Including this representation is lobbying for offices for students to use in the engineering building to be returned to their previous use.

Graduate Studies  Rasika Rajapakshage

Rasika’s Platform

I am Rasika Rajapakshage 4th year PHD student in the Department of Mathematics, currently I am working as a Graduate Research Assistant in Mathematics Department. I’m an international graduate student from Sri Lanka which is a small island in the Indian Ocean. If I’m elected as a senate representative, I think I will be representing many categories; International student community/Graduate student community/Graduate Teaching Assistant community. According to my knowledge, above categories represent small communities but they are rarely contact with student government. As a senator I want to be their voice. I would like to bring their ideas and innovation to the platform of student government.

Graduate Studies  Andrea Osorio

Andrea’s Platform

I would like to bring more attention to the graduate students and be a voice to those pursuing higher studies.  My goal is to unite these students under GSA and assist with any way that would involve those who are not heard.

Graduate Studies   Kiana  Terrell

Kiana’s Platform

I am Kiana Terrell, a graduate student currently pursuing my Master’s of Health Administration. My ultimate goal is to represent graduate students at an University level, seeing that we as graduate students often get looked over when it comes to decisions that effect us. I want to be of help to my fellow graduate students.

Health & Public Affairs Samantha Wong

Samantha’s Platform

After being in COHPA for a year now, I understand the perspective of a Health and Public Affairs student. There are aspects to our college that can be improved to create a more cultivated and engaging environment for students. Although there are many advisors in COHPA, they don’t fit every students’ career needs. One of my initiatives is starting a mentorship program. This program would bring employees with the jobs that students are looking to start a career in. By paring these volunteers with students, we can help students foster earnest relationships that will bring clarity to their future career paths. This initiative can be used for every major in COHPA, and would be well received by students. With this senate seat I will ensure that the students in the College of Health and Public Affairs are well represented, and in turn, student’s will have an enhanced college experience.

Health & Public Affairs Joshua Grossman

Joshua’s Platform

  • Help to provide students within the College of Health and Public Affairs information about the new downtown “regional campus” location.
  • Post bulletins outlining UCF’s $18.6 million budget detailing exactly how much money goes where.
  • Work with the Dean of Health and Public Affairs to hold town-hall meetings with students within the College and allow them to have the chance to voice their concerns and find a proactive solution to those concerns.
  • Work with the Director of the Student Union-Rick Falco to allow for permanent “late hours” for students to go to at night as another option to the two All Knight Study locations.
Health & Public Affairs Brett Goldberg

Brett’s Platform

  • Work with the Dean of HPA to send out a newsletter that discusses achievements and future happenings of senators within HPA.
  • Encourage students to vote in elections by putting “vote” in their “to do” list on my.ucf.edu. Implement a program to distribute iPhone and Laptop chargers within the Colleges.
  • Add more study space in HPA by creating a “relax room” similar to the one in ENG 2. This space will be fit with comfortable seating and a quiet space for HPA students.
Health & Public Affairs Sierra Scott

Sierra’s Platform

  • Free hammock rental for UCF students.
  • Greater communication between RSOs and SGA.
  • Info sessions to show students what SGA can do for them and gain feedback from students to improve student life on campus.
  • Updates and information about Downtown campus and how it will affect CoHPA.
Health & Public Affairs Rick Schoppe

Rick’s Platform

  • Collaborate with the office of Pre-Health and Pre-Law to organize more events geared towards underclassmen that want to apply to grad school.
  • Promote the COHPA FB Page created by Vice Chair Farris and I. Create a Pre-Health Monthly/Bi-Monthly newsletter with relevant events/workshops for COHPA students as well as including COHPA RSO’s meetings.
  • Collaborate with other senators to hold more workshops detailing the process to get SGA funding for both individuals and RSO’s.
  • Establish a relationship with COHPA leadership to efficiently voice student concerns to the people that can enact change.
Health & Public Affairs Kirk Dourvetakis  No platform provided.
Health & Public Affairs Brittney Cooper

Brittney’s Platform

As a passionate academic scholar, I believe that education is a tool to transcend any adversity and truly make an impact on the world. Any position that would allow me to advocate and plan around that premise is more than ideal. This is what attracted me to the Student Government Senate. If I were to be elected a senator, my first and foremost is to advocate for the needs and concerns not the College of Health and Public Affairs, but the entire UCF student body. Another goal of mine is to promote diversity and inclusion within senate, as better represent students of all backgrounds and demographics. As well as, educated RSO’s on how to attain and maintain proper funding through Student Government. Lastly, to ensure that all funds are being allocated correctly to all UCF agencies and departments.

Health & Public Affairs Cole Simon

Cole’s Platform

  • Work with the Dean to create a better college.
  • Work to reduce the amount of online classes.
  • Getting the message out to classmates about the money available to them.
Health & Public Affairs Austen Hopson

Austen’s Platform

  • I would like to spread the knowledge of splitting the college up to the downtown campus.
  • I would like to reach out to the first year students.
  • I would like to bridge the gap between administration and students to push for more transparency.
  • I would like to decrease the amount of online classes and increase the amount of more hands on learning classes to benefit in your field.
 Health & Public Affairs Scott Gerstel

Scott’s Platform

I began my senate career in the summer of 2016. Since then I have advocated for my fellow students in the following ways:

  • Sat on the finance committee that allocated 18.6 million dollars, including creating a new job in the office of Integrity and Ethical Development
  • Got an extra $5,000 allocated to SGA scantrons in order to ensure we would not run out
  • Ensured HPA had fair representation by leading the charge to fairly reapportion an extra Senate Seat to our college.

I hope to continue to represent my students the best I can. Here are the college specific initiatives I would like to accomplish for this senate session:

  • Work with our dean to get an HPA newsletter to keep our students updated on college wide initiatives
  • Work with campus leadership to create a smooth downtown transition
  • Work to ensure downtown campus does not draw too much funding from the main campus
 Health & Public Affairs Keshawn Jones

Keshawn’s Platform

I have been with COHPA since I started my tenure at UCF. One of the main goals is to work to try to get more people in the college internships before graduating. Many people in COHPA are Health Administration majors and with that major, there is a requirement of at least one internship before graduating. The business side of the healthcare field is very competitive; to give my fellow knights a competitive advantage, more internships are essential. Another huge goal is to bridge the gap between the Senate at UCF and RSO’s at UCF. Many of the RSO’s at UCF who are made up of minorities, struggle to get funding for events and other important RSO activities and that should not be the case. My goal is to inform and educate these RSO’s about their rights when it comes to getting funding and the necessary steps to take. I have seen RSO’s set many people up with great job opportunities and life opportunities and it would be a shame for many more people to miss out because of funding. RSO’s are such a huge part of UCF and I believe everyone should have their fair share of funding.


Medicine  David Sidhom

David’s Platform

  • Access to Student Perception of Instruction surveys: Students should be allowed to view evaluations made by their classmates as it will help them select a professor and would also hold professors more accountable.
  • Access to previous exams for each course: Students should be prepared for what kind of material and what format exams will be in.
  • More accessible and less time-consuming leadership opportunities for Pre-Med/Pre-Health students: Coursework and other requirements for admission to Med School take up a lot of time and often prevent students from being more involved.
  • Greater fiscal responsibility with SGA funds, including funds distributed to organizations, individuals and the salary of SGA leadership.
  • Partnership with new Oviedo hospital to generate more shadowing opportunities for Pre-Med students.
Medicine  Erika Lytle

Erika’s Platform

If I was elected Senator for the College of Medicine, I would push for initiatives that benefit students, such as: a doctor shadowing system through UCF, more internship opportunities, and more pre-health events. Within the College of Medicine, I intend on working with our Dean to provide students with shadowing opportunities with local doctors through a UCF affiliated shadowing system. Second, I am determined to work with our Dean to create more internships with UCF associated doctors, providing students with fundamental experiences for medical and graduate school. Third, I would ensure more events with the Office of Pre-Health and Pre-Law Advising for students to be better informed regarding medical school applications and building resumes. As a Senator in the College of Medicine, I would fight for our voices to be heard, and for us to gain as much experience within the medical field as possible while here at UCF.

Medicine Christopher Hazen

Christopher’s Platform

If I were elected as senator for the college of medicine, one of the initiatives I would like to implement would be to create a website on what is expected by medical school administrator’s boards of what they look for in an application. I feel this that this website should be geared toward freshmen and sophomores to allow them to help understand the process and thus help them choose what classes to take, where to volunteer, where to work, etc. to better their odds or appealing to an admissions board.

Nursing Rebecca Coven

Rebecca’s Platform

As a UCF nursing senator, I would like to create a place in the nursing school where students can print for free, up to 100 slides of paper per week. As a tour guide, I often notice there are hardly any recycling bins on our path. I would also like to try and more to the campus to make it easier for students to recycle without going out of their way. It would be an amazing opportunity to represent the UCF College of Nursing on the 50th student body senate.

Nursing Kayla Senecal

Kayla’s Platform

As a Senator for the UCF College of Nursing, I would look forward to sitting in on important decision making for our university. It is to my understanding that the College of Nursing has been without Senate representation for some time. I would be honored to fill this position and start making a difference in the College of Nursing and our outstanding university. Some ideas or initiatives I would like to put in place as Senate include free printing in the college of nursing and providing a shuttle service that runs to the College of Nursing from surrounding off-campus housing communities.

Optics and Photonics   OPEN SEAT
Sciences  Joseph Davis

Joseph’s Platform

  • Advisor Reform: Look into 1st year to 2nd year Advisor transition.
  • Sciences RSO: Create an organization to help promote college of sciences organization and event.
  • Mental Health: Find a way to start an advocacy committee for the mental health community here on campus.
Sciences  Raven Peters

Raven’s Platform

Transparency between SGA, Students, and RSO’s concerning the process of funding. Online postings of dates by which funding requests must be placed, for easier access. More face to face interaction in the process of financial training to aid with possible questions to limit sanctions and reversions. Open line of communication between my college, The College of Sciences, and myself to serve as a more impartial senator to truly achieve the needs and desires of my college. More social media interaction between senators and their college as this is the most efficient form of polling for issues we should be addressing. To strive for the well-being of students not only in the College of Sciences but throughout the University of Central Florida. I wish to campaign for ALL college seats within senate to be filled. Empty seats reflect students who are not being adequately represented.

Sciences  Robert Hill

Robert’s Platform

Boasting one of the largest Colleges within the University of Central Florida, I would like to break up the College of Sciences in to two separate Colleges: College of Social Sciences and College of Life Sciences to allow greater access to advisors and in turn increase the success rate within my college. Additionally, I intend to speak for the Advocacy of our students with the COSAS through sitting on the Student Body Advocacy Committee within Senate. I believe that every student that faces adversity has the right and should have the access to express his or her concerns to the proper entities so a remedy may be issued.

Sciences  Emily Nole

Emily’s Platform

  • Create an early semester meeting for the College of Sciences RSO’s to plan events and collaborate on year long activities.
  • Connect graduate students with College of Sciences students in need.
  • Invite Dean Michael D. Johnson to a symposium of College of Sciences students.
  • Weekly & monthly newsletter with events, opportunities and goals for the College of Sciences.
Sciences Natalia Caballeo

Natalia’s Platform

  • Transparency – Advocate for more hands on deck initiatives for students. Let students know when they are to be seen for funding and make sure funds are properly distributed. Hold more events to showcase different majors within the college of sciences. Concern box to be placed outside college of sciences dean office.
  • Connection – Newsletter be sent out to all members of college of sciences informing them of different RSO’s and their meeting time. Establish a council to meet with all RSO’s and hear concerns of students. Meet and greet social with RSO’s that include all majors within the college of sciences.
Sciences Harry Jorgensen

Harry’s Platform

  • Resources and Advising: With the diversity of majors and students in the college of sciences, finding help can be donating. I will champion the cause of all students in the college advocating to ensure different academic resources and advising for all major and students.
  • Promote SGA outreach and student involvement: I hope to ensure that the student government is representative of the student body and effectively administers whatever services it can to benefit of all students at UCF. I want to raise awareness of what Student Government does and do spell the seemingly “elist” and aloof reputation Student Government has with many students. Keeping Student Government representatives active involvement from the student body. So I will also seek to enact strategies for the increasing the visibility of the Student Government elections, transparency of its activities, and participation from voters.
Sciences  Ari Bell

Ari’s Platform

Hi, my name is Ari Bell and I am running for a position in Senate, because I see the importance in representing the needs and wants displayed by my fellow students in the College of Sciences. If elected by the student body I would push for new initiatives that would aid in adjusting freshman in the College of Sciences to the campus, their rigorous class loads, and any other needs that may arise. In addition, I pledge that I will devote all the necessary time and effort that is needed to fully carry out my potential duties as a senator. I find that it is of the utmost importance that every student in the College of Sciences knows who their representatives in Senate are. In order that they can voice their opinions to the those who can make a change. However, to accomplish this goal I am to create a system for those students to easily contact potentially me or any other senators.

Sciences  Kayla Goldfarb

Kayla’s Platform

I promise to be an active voice for the students in my college and continue to help them in any way that I can.

Sciences  John Vatian
Sciences  Fritz Bechette

Fritz’s Platform

  • Parking – Alleviate the lack of parking by: redefine parking decals, limit the number of decals sold, explore ways to build more parking garages.
  • Accountability – Require Activity and Service Fee funded groups to release a detailed report of their spending. Hold town halls.
  • Safety – Place security cameras around parking garages and campus. Finalize lighting in off campus Greek communities.
Sciences  Dorel Yosef

Dorel’s Platform

I think I would be a great addition to the Senate because my fresh ideas coming from the perspective of a freshman would help out a lot. With being the future of the school starting now would be the best thing not only for me but for the past, present, and future UCF students.

 Sciences  Karen Claudillo

Karen’s Platform

If elected to the senate I will make sure to represent every single student on campus regardless of race, gender, status or sexual orientation. Transparency, ethics and communication are personal values I plan to bring to our SGA Senate. Making sure that ROS and students have adequate funding for activities and trips will be my priority. Being a sustainable small business owner will help me bring a new point of view to our senate. Naples in SW Florida is my hometown where I grew up. The Everglades is about 40 minutes from my home town and that’s why I’m a strong proponent of sustainably. An important goal of mine would be to make sure that restaurants on campus move toward compostable silverware, plates and cups. Along with making sure that all recyclables are adequately recycled. I’m thankful to be a part of UCF and Go Knights!

Rosen  Annalise Bockin

Annalise’s Platform

As a third year Hospitality Management student I have a great passion for representing students and making sure they know that SGA is here for them. If elected, my top three initiatives are finding a safer alternative to the crosswalk on Universal Blvd which connects to the Publix Center, monitoring the progress on the changes to the student lounge, and finally researching if bus departure times can be changed to help more students.

Rosen  Tracy Whitney

Tracy’s Platform

With a major in the Rosen College and a minor in the College of Business, the main initiative I would like to put in place as a senator would be to make main campus students and Rosen students more integrated. As a Rosen major, I am contacted almost daily about internships, meet and greets, and expos that pertain to the hospitality industry. If information about these events were given on a broader scale, I believe many students would take the opportunity to attend even if they are not necessarily in the Rosen College, but are interested in the hospitality/entertainment industry. As most of these networking events occur on the Rosen campus, it would allow main campus students to be introduced not only to the Rosen campus, but many Rosen Students as well, encouraging a stronger relationship to form between the Rosen Campus and the Main campus.

Rosen  Kevin Garcia

Kevin’s Platform

  • Establish a stronger alumni connection with students that will allow student access to greater career opportunities.
  • Increase funding and support for Rosen professional development. Cover aid for hospitality centric RSOs.
  • Increase hospitality RSO’s campus presence.
  • Sponsor and fund student projects.
  • Establish and work towards a more transparent student government.
  • Create coalitions with other colleges to increase overall quality of student life.
  • Research student affairs and create solutions to appease student body.
  • Empower student body to increase involvement on campus.
  • Work towards a more eco-friendly sustainable campus.
  • Be in constant review of constitution and legislation.
  • Increase Rosen student representation on UCF main campus.
Undeclared   OPEN SEAT
Undergraduate Studies  Theressa Tong

Theressa’s Platform

  • IDS Students: Work with the Dean of our college in the interest of the College of Undergraduate Studies Students. Work with other Colleges to help benefit IDS Students in class enrollment.
  • Funding: Ensure CRT and FAO funds are spent appropriately for all student academic, educational, and leadership development. Provide more opportunities for all students with diverse needs to receive SGA Scholarships.
  • Outreach: Provide more educational workshops about the SGA funding process. Provide greater access to senators for individual students, RSOs/Clubs, and student agencies.
 Undergraduate Studies  Robert Sells

Robert’s Platform

From my experience with SGA, there are many things that can be changed in order to better serve students:
• More recycling facilities on campus, specifically on memory mall;
• Allow individuals and RSOs to utilize SGA funds for automobile travel;
• Ban campaign tickets during SGA elections, a common incumbent advantage;
• Fight for a campus wide vendor ban on Styrofoam;
• Ask for a “Yield to Pedestrians” sign at the University-Alafaya intersection;
• Introduce policies to fight against nepotism in SGA