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About the Student Body Senate

The Legislative Branch (or Student Body Senate) is composed of sixty-nine student leaders who are elected by the student body each year. Our Student Body Senate provides students and organizations with the funds necessary for travel and conference registration, as well as for campus-wide events and projects. Also, through various committees, Senate has great impact on issues that directly regard the Student Body. Student Senators also work on college-specific and/or campus-wide initiatives that better the student experience for UCF Knights!

Senate Meetings during the Fall and Spring Semesters are Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. in the Student Union’s Key West Ballroom.

You can follow along in the senate meeting by clicking on our link to the agenda and legislation documents via Google Drive!

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Senate Advisors

Coordinator, Office of Student Involvement

Graduate Assistant, Office of Student Involvement
Michael Riley:

Senate Leadership

Speaker of the Senate
Christian A. Padron

The Speaker of the Senate is the residing officer of the Student Body Senate. The Speaker is responsible for the affairs of the Legislative branch and also acts as a liaison between the Senate and the Executive and Judicial Branches. The Speaker provides an unbiased opinion.

Senate President Pro Tempore
Forrest McClellan

The Senate President Pro Tempore acts as the Senate Vice President and is responsible for delegating Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) to the Student Senate.  The Senate President Pro Tempore leads the charge in the RSO funding process and oversees the Bill process.

Internal Legislative Assistant

Shenella Foster:

External Legislative Assistant

Erika Lytle:

Deputy Pro Tempore of Legislative Affairs

Emma Brandow:

Deputy Pro Tempore of Senate Relations

Adrian Guerra:

Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs

Conference Registration and Travel (CRT)

Chair- Ryan Doran:

Vice Chair- Joey Tufo:

Financial Allocations for Organizations (FAO)

Chair- Giorgi Beruashvili:

Vice Chair- Natalia Correa-Ferro:

Operations Review and Sanctions Chair

Chair- Michele Guillard:

Vice Chair- Carlos Oquendo:

Student Body Advocacy (SBA)

Chair- Fritz Farrow:

Vice Chair-Anthony Lopez:

Elections and Appointments (E&A)

Chair- Sierra Scott:

Vice Chair- Rochenide St. Preux:

Legislative, Judicial and Rules (LJR)

Chair- Ryan Regan:

Vice Chair- Logan Mahan:

College of Arts and Humanities

Seat 1- VACANT:

Seat 2- VACANT:

Seat 3- Isabella Bustamante:

Seat 4- VACANT:

College of Business Administration

Seat 1- Julian Rosario:

Seat 2- Rochenide St Preux:

Seat 3- Zachary Owens:

Seat 4- Adrian Guerra:

Seat 5- Daniela Pantoja:

Seat 6- Logan Mahan:

Seat 7- VACANT:

Seat 8- VACANT:

College of Community Innovation and Education

Seat 1-  Cami DiGiacomo:

Seat 2- Zachary Freis:

Seat 3- Danielle Stewart:

Seat 4- VACANT:

Seat 5- VACANT:

Seat 6- Sierra Scott:

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Seat 1- Emma Brandow:

Seat 2- Dylan Gillespie:

Seat 3- Jacob Henson:

Seat 4- Thais Jimenez:

Seat 5- VACANT:

Seat 6- Forrest McClellan:

Seat 7- Christian Padron:

Seat 8- VACANT:

Seat 9- Colton Flynn:

Seat 10- Marcos Barros:

College of Graduate Studies

Seat 1- Jessica Hellein:

Seat 2- VACANT:

Seat 3- Rachel Friant:

Seat 4- Dipak Patel:

Seat 5- Diane Lieu:

Seat 6- Michael O’Blenis:

Seat 7- VACANT:

Seat 8- VACANT:

Seat 9- VACANT:

College of Health Professions and Sciences

Seat 1- Ryan Doran:

Seat 2- VACANT:

Seat 3- VACANT:

Seat 4- Michele Guillard:

Seat 5- VACANT:

Seat 6- Ryan Regan:

Nicholson School of Communication and Media

Seat 1- Natalia Correa-Ferro:

Seat 2- Fritz Farrow:

Seat 3- VACANT:

Seat 4- VACANT:

College of Optics and Photonics

Seat 1- Connor DiMatteo:

Rosen College of Hospitality

Seat 1- Shenella Foster:

Seat 2- Michael Interlicchhio:

Seat 3- VACANT:

College of Medicine

Seat 1- Yaqub Kassoo:

Seat 2- Erika Lytle:

Seat 3- Anthony Moscol:

College of Nursing

Seat 1- VACANT:

Seat 2- Chyanne Fletcher:


Seat 3- VACANT:

College of Sciences

Seat 1- Zachary Nason:

Seat 2- Giorgi Beruashvili:

Seat 3- VACANT:

Seat 4- VACANT:

Seat 5- Clayton Oller:

Seat 6- Carlos Oquendo:

Seat 7- Joseph Tufo:

Seat 8- Anthony Lopez:

Seat 9- Gabriel Soto:

Undeclared Majors

Seat 1- VACANT:

College of Undergraduate Studies

Seat 1- Anthony Pagano: