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Parking Appeals

Help! I got a parking ticket on campus! Now what?

You can pay your citation or appeal your citation through UCF Parking Services. If you appeal your citation through Parking Services and the citation is upheld, you will be asked to pay the citation. If your citation is upheld and you believe that extenuating circumstances apply to your case which were not fully considered during your appeal, please read on!

The SGA Parking Appeals Committee

In an effort to better serve the students, the Student Government Association at the University of Central Florida has implemented a Parking Appeals Committee. If you are currently a student and wish to appeal a decision made by Parking Services’ Citation Appeals Committee, the Judicial Council is here for you. We work to make sure students are represented fairly and equally in the appeals process. The Judicial Branch is bound by Parking Regulations when determining a ruling on parking appeals, and the Council makes a decision to uphold, overturn, or reduce a citation (s) to a $10 admin fee based on these regulations. The Council looks for an extenuating circumstance to overturn a citation.

How to Re-appeal a Citation

In order to submit an appeal to SGA’s Parking Appeals Committee, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a current UCF student.
  • You must have appealed your citation through Parking Services and your citation has been upheld.
  • You must submit the form below within 10 days of receiving your decision from parking services.
  • If your citation has been reduced to a $10 admin fee by Parking Services, you are not eligible for a re-appeal with SGA.
  • If you were a no-show to your initial appeal with Parking Services, you are not eligible for a re-appeal with SGA

The following reasons will not be accepted by the Judicial Council as grounds to dismiss or reduce a citation. This list is from Parking Regulations pages 11 -12 and is not an all-inclusive list.

  1. Disagreement with the traffic and parking regulations
  2. Ignorance of the regulation
  3. Stated inability to find a permitted parking space
  4. Operation of the vehicle by another person
  5. Tardiness to class and/or appointment
  6. Inability to pay fine (lack of money)
  7. Displayed expired permit
  8. Traffic congestion
  9. Stated perception that designated parking area is not safe
  10. To delay paying the fine for an appealed citation
  11. Unsupported evidence of direction by any university official

If you have read and meet the above requirements and would like to appeal a decision made by the Parking Services Citation Appeals Committee, please fill out the form below. Please note, the SGA Parking Appeals Committee is NOT the first line of appeals, and will only hear cases that have already been appealed through Parking Services whose citation has been upheld.

Submit a Parking Appeal to SGA

Submit your form through Knight Connect by clicking below.

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