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Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is composed of students dedicated to improving the overall experience of the student body here at UCF. They accomplish this by protecting the student body’s rights through the interpretation of the Student Body Constitution. Justices also sit on a variety of committees such as SGA Parking Appeals, Student Conduct Board, Fee Appeals, Eligibility Appeals, and serve as the appeals court for elections violations and impeachments in Student Government.

Recently, the Judicial Branch has become more proactive by creating various initiatives aimed at increasing awareness throughout the UCF community of different rules and policies. If you have any concerns regarding your rights, or believe that your rights as a student here at the university have been violated in any way, the Judicial Branch would be more than willing to assist you. Also, please feel free to stop by the Judicial Branch office at any time for more information!

Judicial Records

Fiscal Administrative Decision Appeals

Impartial Advisor Request

The Justices

Julian Mayorga

Chief Justice

Philip Balikowski

Internal Assistant Chief Justice

Jacob Finegan

External Assistant Chief Justice

Julian Mayorga

Justice Seat #1

Christina Garafola

Justice Seat #2

Anthony Minute

Justice Seat #3

photo coming soonRachael Shimek

Justice Seat #4

Briyana Louis

Justice Seat #5

Tyler Herret

Justice Seat #6

Molly Hoffman

Justice Seat #7

John Mosca

Justice Seat #8

Mohammad Ali

Justice Seat #9

Philip Balikowski

Justice Seat #10

Jacob Finegan

Justice Seat #11

Ashia McMillon

Justice Seat #12

Ebraheem Naser

Justice Seat #13

Jessica Oehler

Justice Seat #14