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Executive Branch

The Executive Branch (or Cabinet) is composed of student leaders appointed by the Student Body President each year. Our cabinet consists of a diverse group of students who share a passion for helping their university grow and making sure their peers receive the best education possible.

We sit on over thirty-five different University Councils where we represent every student and ensure that the student voice is heard loud and clear. The Executive Branch is also responsible for the development and maintenance of many significant student programs and services such as the KnightLYNX Program, Light Up UCF, Universal Knights, town hall meetings, educational programs, diversity education events, and many others.

2019-2020 Executive Cabinet

Student Body President, University Trustee
Sabrina La Rosa

The Student Body President is elected in the spring to represent more than 68,000 students for the following academic year. The President serves as the only student member on the UCF Board of Trustees. The President is the CEO of the UCF Student Government and is responsible for the allocation of the almost 20.4 million dollar Activity and Service Fee Budget. The President is advised by 16 Executive Cabinet members on matters of policy, and oversees various University departments and agencies.

Student Body Vice President
Stephanie Blanco

The Student Body Vice President is elected in the spring alongside the Student Body President to serve for the following academic year. The Vice President and President work collaboratively in achieving the Platform goals they have set to accomplish. The Vice President sits on various committees appointed by the Student Body and university president. The Vice President is the chair of the Agency and Department Strategic Planning Board to oversee all organizations, agencies, and departments at the university level. The Vice President’s role is to manage the internal operations of the Executive cabinet.

Division of Administration

Executive Director of Administration

The ED of Administration works directly with the President and supports special projects. This role also oversees the Division of Community Affairs and serves as a facilitator for the Director of Community Affairs and the Director of Communications. This includes advising, as well as playing an essential role in decision making for the Executive Cabinet. Lastly, the EDA serves alongside its operations counterpart, the EDO, who is the mirror position working with the Vice President.

Executive Director of Operations

The ED of Operations works directly with the Vice-President and supports special projects. This includes advising, as well as playing an essential role in decision making. The EDO oversees the Division of Student Affairs and all the Coordinators in the Division of Communications. The EDO also has the responsibility of overseeing all student affairs. Lastly, the EDO serves an operations role over the cabinet alongside the EDA.

Attorney General, Judicial Advisor

The Attorney General serves as the Legal advisor to the president and shall hand down opinions on the constitution, statutes, and rights and responsibilities to any member of the student body upon request. It is the responsibility of the attorney general to undertake statutory revisions. The Attorney General is also responsible for advising students appearing before the SGA judicial council, office of student conduct, or any other university sanctioned board. |


The Comptroller serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Student Senate and of Student Government in general, heading the $20.4 million budget paid by students through the Activity and Service Fee. The Comptroller acts as a liaison between student government and entities receiving funds, including student organizations and SGA agencies. The Comptroller is responsible to the student body, the student senate, and student body senate, and for accurate and up to date maintenance of records and transactions made.

Division of Community Affairs

Director of Community Affairs

The Director of Community Affairs works to unite the whole campus through school spirit, involvement with other agencies and athletics. Whether it be establishing and marketing events that promote diversity, collaboration and inclusivity such as universal knights, tailgates, the RSO Leadership Summit and or having students swap in their other old college shirts for new knight gear.

Contact me if you have concerns about:
Athletics, School Pride, Involvement, Regional Campuses, Transfer Students

Governmental Affairs Coordinator

The Governmental Affairs Coordinator ensures that the lobbying concerns of the student body are being addressed at the university, local, state, and federal levels. The position organizes visits to the State Capital, such as SGA’s annual Day at the Capitol event, and local representatives at Day at City Hall, to voice the concerns of the student body. This position is in charge of hosting events in conjunction with political action groups that bring local, state, and national leaders to UCF to educate the student body on prominent issues.

Contact me if you have concerns about:
Civic Engagement, Policy, Legislation, Law, Elections

Athletics Coordinator

The Athletics Coordinator shall be responsible for working closely with UCF Athletics to continue partnerships and create relationships with traditions-based agencies, the Alumni Association, and University Administration. This position will be responsible for planning/executing all of the SGA Tailgates and all Student Government programming at athletic events including, but not limited to, tailgating and athletic oriented programming.

Contact me if you have concerns about:
Athletics, School Pride, Involvement, Regional Campuses, Transfer Students 

Safety and Transportation Coordinator 

The Safety & Transportation Coordinator serves as the Student Government Association’s liaison with Parking & Transportation Services, and A&SF funded facilities. This position focuses on advocating for students in all matters related to facilities and transportation. The Safety and Transportation Coordinator is responsible for improvements in areas such as shuttle services, facilities, operations, etc. This position also sits as a voting member of the University Parking & Transportation Advisory Committee. Additionally, this position works towards making UCF a safer campus for our students.

Contact me if you have concerns about:
Transportation, Parking, Safety, Accessibility 

Division of Student Affairs

Director of Student Affairs

The Director of Student Affairs is responsible for the management of the Division of Student Affairs. The Director serves as an advocate of students’ rights and privileges at the University of Central Florida. The Director works with the police department, UCF administrators, and the Office of Student Conduct to advocate for the rights of students and student organizations. They  also oversee the Student Government Leadership Council as the ELC Mentorship Program Coordinator. The Director is also a liaison to Veterans Academic Resource Center (VARC), Student Associability Services (SAS), and Graduate Student Association (GSA).

Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator

The Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator promotes diversity and inclusion. This position works closely with the Multicultural Student Center and serves as an advisor and a liaison. The Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator also works with multicultural student organizations and Campus Faiths and Ministries to promote equity and acceptance in the university community. This person also hosts diversity education events throughout the year.

Contact me if you have concerns about:
Diversity, inclusivity, social justice, integration

Academic Affairs Coordinator

The Academic Affairs Coordinator is Student Government’s link to UCF’s academic colleges and academic programs. This position completes objectives pertaining to academic services offered by the university and executing academic programming offered by Student Government. This position continuously monitors all colleges of the university to determine how SGA can help academic programs offered to students.

Contact me if you have concerns about:
Scholarships, academics, future careers, professional skills

Campus Innovation Coordinator

The Campus Innovation Coordinator works with campus entities such as the Student Union, the Recreation and Wellness Center, Health and Wellness Promotions, and the Health Center to develop more energy-efficient alternatives for utilities, day-to-day operations, and work towards achieving a healthier campus environment. The position oversees research and technological improvements and advancements at the university. This position also researches other methods for creating a more sustainable campus and promoting student wellness.

Contact me if you have concerns about:
Mental Health, Physical health, recreation, sustainability

Division of Communications

Director of Communications

The Director manages and oversees the Division of Communications to create and execute a communication plan geared at advertising and educating students about SGA events and services, as well as coordinate SGA Days. The Director of Communications ensures that information regarding the student body and Student Government Association is adequately disseminated to students. The director works directly with the Public Relation Coordinator to assure positive public perception of SGA.

Contact me if you have concerns about:
Public Relations, Marketing,
Transparency, Outreach

Graphic Design Coordinator

The Graphic Design Coordinator oversees the creation of digital content for the Division of Communications. This position works to create graphics for Student Government as well as Registered Student Organizations to share on social media. This position assists other cabinet members with creative ventures and works closely with the Media Coordinator and Public Relations Coordinator to push out quality graphics to the Student Body.

Visual Media Coordinator

The Media Coordinator works to create photography and videography for Student Government as well as Registered Student Organizations. This position assists other cabinet members with creative ventures and works closely with the Graphic Design Coordinator and Public Relations Coordinator to create content for various social media platforms.

Public Relations Coordinator

The Public Relations Coordinator is responsible for the public perception of Student Government. This coordinator works to build relationships with campus and local media to ensure the proper dissemination of information from Student Government to students and local community. This position is responsible for all SG communications to the press regarding programs, pressing issues, etc. The Public Relations coordinator serves as the Press Secretary for the Executive Branch of Student Government and works closely with the other branches as needed for joint ventures.