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The Executive Branch (or Cabinet) is composed of student leaders appointed by the Student Body President each year. Our cabinet consists of a diverse group of students who share a passion for helping their university grow and making sure their peers receive the best education possible.


The Legislative Branch (or Senate) is composed of fifty-six student leaders who are elected by the student body each year. Our Senate works solely with students and the many student organizations on our campus to provide them with the funds necessary for travel, conference registration, event planning, and whatever other expenses that may arise and cause a financial burden on a student.


The Judicial Branch is composed of students dedicated to improving the overall experience of the student body here at UCF. They accomplish this by protecting the student body’s rights and through the interpretation of the Constitution. Justices also sit on a variety of committees such as SGA Parking Appeals, Student Conduct Board, Fee Appeals, Grade Appeals, Eligibility Appeals, and serve as the appeals court for elections violations and impeachments in Student Government.