KnightLYNX is a safe and reliable public transportation option on and near the UCF campus, launched in the Spring 2011 semester. The Green line bus operates from 8:00 PM to 3:00 AM, the Blue line operates from 6:00 PM to 1:00 AM, and the Red line from 9:15 PM to 3:00 AM on Friday and Saturday nights and travels throughout the UCF community. This bus service is free for all UCF students with a valid UCF ID Card.  Read more about KnightLYNX on the LYNX website.

Quick Facts

  • KnightLYNX transported more than 16,000 students in its opening year alone.
  • Riding KnightLYNX helps support a more sustainable environment
  • Riding KnightLYNX or public transportation helps lower your stress level and saves you money


Fall 2015

August - 2 datesclick to close

August - 2 datesclick to open

  • Friday Aug 28th
  • Saturday Aug 29th

September - 8 datesclick to close

September - 8 datesclick to open

  • Friday Sept 4
  • Saturday Sept 5
  • Friday Sept 11
  • Saturday Sept 12
  • Friday Sept 18
  • Saturday Sept 19
  • Friday Sept 25
  • Saturday Sept 26

October - 10 datesclick to close

October - 10 datesclick to open

  • Friday Oct 2
  • Saturday Oct 3
  • Friday Oct 9
  • Saturday Oct 10
  • Friday Oct 16
  • Saturday Oct 17
  • Friday Oct 23
  • Saturday Oct 24
  • Friday Oct 30
  • Saturday Oct 31

November - 6 datesclick to close

November - 6 datesclick to open

  • Friday Nov 6
  • Saturday Nov 7
  • Friday Nov 13
  • Saturday Nov 14
  • Friday Nov 20
  • Saturday Nov 21

December - no KnightLYNX Serviceclick to close

December - no KnightLYNX Serviceclick to open

Sorry, there is no KnightLYNX service during the month of December.

Spring 2016

January - 6 datesclick to close

January - 6 datesclick to open

  • Friday Jan 15
  • Saturday Jan 16
  • Friday Jan 22
  • Saturday Jan 23
  • Friday Jan 29
  • Saturday Jan 30

Febraury - 8 datesclick to close

Febraury - 8 datesclick to open

  • Friday Feb 5
  • Saturday Feb 6
  • Friday Feb 12
  • Saturday Feb 13
  • Friday Feb 19
  • Saturday Feb 20
  • Friday Feb 26
  • Saturday Feb 27

March - 2 datesclick to close

March - 2 datesclick to open

  • Friday Mar 18
  • Saturday Mar 19

April - 8 datesclick to close

April - 8 datesclick to open

  • Friday Apr 1
  • Saturday Apr 2
  • Friday Apr 8
  • Saturday Apr 9
  • Friday Apr 15
  • Saturday Apr 16
  • Friday Apr 22
  • Saturday Apr 23

May/June - no KnightLYNX Serviceclick to close

May/June - no KnightLYNX Serviceclick to open

Sorry, there is no KnightLYNX service during the months of May and June.



KnightLYNX 0215-2016 Routes

Green Line

The Green Line stays within the vicinity of campus.  It begins at Knights Plaza (UCF Arena) and exits the back side of campus, onto McCulloch.  It travels behind University Commons, by Knights Circle Apartments, then connects with University Blvd.  It follows University back towards UCF, turning onto Alafaya Trail and re-entering campus at Central Florida Blvd.

The Green Line (KnightLYNX 211) service starts at 8pm at the UCF Arena and departs every 20 minutes until 11pm, at which time it departs every 15 mintues.  The final bus leaves the UCF Arena at 2:30am.

The Green Line stops at Knights Plaza, Northview Apts, Northgate Lakes, Tivoli Apts, University Palms Shopping Center, Knights Circle, Knights Circle Apts, University Court, Arden Villas, Turbine Dr/Applebee’s, Marquee (formerly Sterling Central Apts), and the UCF Rec & Wellness Center.

*Bold indicates a new stop for the 2015/16 year

Blue Line

The Blue Line extends further into East Orlando.  It exits campus at Central Florida Blvd, traveling down Alafaya Trail, passing Colonial Drive then stopping in serval locations along Waterford Lakes Pkwy.  It returns to campus via Alafaya Trail to Gemini Drive North.

The Blue Line service starts at 6 p.m. at the UCF Arena and departs every 40 minutes until 9 p.m., at which time it departs every 15 minutes. The final bus leaves the UCF Arena at 12:15 a.m.

The Blue Line stops at Knights Plaza, UCF Rec & Wellness Center, Marquee (formerly Sterling Central Apts), The Edge Apts, Campus Crossings (on Alafaya), Pointe at Central Apts, The Enclave Apts, Alafaya Village Shopping Center, Waterford Lakes Town center (by Pizza Hut), Waterford Lakes Town center (by LA Fitness), Waterford Lakes Pkwy/Woodbury Road, Alafaya Commons (Colonial Dr), Alafaya Commons (Alafaya Tr), Windmill Point Apts, University Place, Science Dr (Knight’s Landing), Boardwalk at Alafaya Trail, Mendel Dr, Univerity Blvd & Alafaya Trail, and Gemini Drive North (by Sigma Chi).

*Bold indicates a new stop for the 2015/16 year

Red Line

The Red Line goes toward West Orlando traveling down Alafaya Trail onto 408.  It makes several stops while heading west on South St, travels up Division Ave, circles back at Central Blvd, then takes Anderson St back to the 408.  It returns to Campus via Alafaya Trail and Central Florida Blvd.

Red Line service leaves the UCF Arena at 9:15 p.m., 10:30 p.m., and 11:45 p.m. Return trips from Downtown Orlando leave at 10:40 p.m., 11:55 p.m., 1:10 a.m. and 2:40 a.m.

The Red Line stop at Knights Plaza (UCF Arena), UCF Recreation & Wellness Center, Sterling Central Apts, The Edge Apts, Campus Crossings (Alafaya), Pointe at Central Apts, The Enclave Apts, Alafaya Village, Shopping Center, South St./Bumby Ave, South St./Summerlin Ave, Central Blvd (Downtown Orlando), Anderson St/Orange Ave, Anderson St/Summerlin Ave, Anderson St/Bumby Ave, Alafaya Commons (on Alafaya Trail), Windmill Point Apts, University Place, Science Dr (Knight’s Landing), Boardwalk at Alafaya Trail, Mendel Drive, University Blvd, and Gemini Drive North (by Sigma Chi)



Nicholas Larkins

Facilities, Safety, & Transportation Specialist