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  •  SGA Committees – Committees whose membership is open to all branches of Student Government.
    • A&SF Budget Committee – Meeting minutes and Budget Recommendations of the A&SF Budget Committee, charged with hearing requests and recommending allocations of the A&SF funds
    • Finance Office – Meeting Minutes and Policy Recommendations of the Finance Office, an advisory committee that meets each semester to discuss prominent financial matters from within Student Government and other A&SF funded bodies.
    • Scholarship Committee – Meeting Minutes of the Scholarship Committee, which determines scholarships available through SGA and allocates available funds.
  • Attorney General – Documents published by the Attorney General, chief legal advisor to the Student Body President.  These cover matters concerning the Golden Rule rights and responsibilities, elections guidelines, and Constitutional precepts.

We hope you find the information you are looking for on this page, as we are constantly working to make public records easily accessible. If you are looking for additional information related to SGA that is part of public record, please direct requests to Bonnieblue at