These are the committees that make up the Senate. This is where a majority of your work will be accomplished. Each committee has a very specific purpose and handles its own specific business and meets in Student Union 214.

Each committee of the Senate is made up of at least twelve senators who are either appointed or elected as well as the President Pro Tempore or her designee.

Info: If you decide to attend a meeting, after submitting your allocation requests through Knight Connect, please do not arrive earlier than 30 minutes before the posted meeting time(s). If you are unable to attend, you must email the Chairperson of the Committee to ask them to represent you, provided you follow up via email before the scheduled meeting time(s).

Financial Training

RSO’s and individuals need to complete A&SF Financial Training each year prior to requesting funding. The reference guides provided below are for information purposes only, please refer to A&SF Financial Training website for more information or to sign up for training.

Financial Training Module 1 FY16-17 

Financial Training Module 2 FY16-17 

Financial Training Module 3 FY16-17 

Things to Remember FT 16-17

Committee Meeting Dates and Times

Committee Meeting Times

Financial Allocations for Organizations Committee (FAO)

The FAO Committee is responsible for overseeing the Senate Working Fund. It allocates money from these accounts to registered student organizations. FAO hears all allocations and bills on campus for events, performances, and more. The FAO Committee is elected by a majority vote of the Senate.


It is recommended by the Financial Allocations for Organizations (FAO) Committee that DJ services utilize OSI’s Knights of the Turntable. All other services used require additional justification.

Meeting Time: Tuesday at 4:30PM

BockinAnnalise Bockin

FAO Chair


David Sidhom

FAO Vice Chair


CruiseElizabeth Cruise

FAO Representative

Conference, Registration, and Travel Committee (CRT)


The Registration and Travel Account has received a transfer that will allow the Conference, Registration, and Travel (CRT) Committee to approve some more allocations this fiscal year. The transfer just cleared, so we will be seeing funding requests on Monday, April 10, at 4:30 p.m. If you are attending a conference ­­­­­­­­­­­in May or June and are interested in receiving funding from the Student Government Association (SGA), you may submit an Individual or RSO funding request on KnightConnect using the link below.

Allocation Request Form on Knight Connect

We will be seeing people on a first come first serve basis. Approval of your request is up to the discretion of the CRT Committee. If you decide to submit a funding request please have quotes ready to present to the committee. It is essential that what you have prices for all items you are requesting (registration, lodging, and/or travel).

The CRT Committee is the sister fiscal committee to the FAO Committee. CRT is responsible for overseeing the Registration and Travel Account. CRT approves allocations and bills for travel, registration, and conference expenses for individual UCF students and registered student organizations. The CRT Committee is elected by a majority vote of the Senate.

Meeting Time: Monday at 4:30PM

Camila Murphy

CRT Chair

Allison Moss

CRT Vice Chair

Joshua Grossman

CRT Representative

Operations Review Committee (ORC)

The ORC reviews and investigates the use of all funds allocated through the Activity and Service Fee to ensure that they are being used properly. ORC handles all Post-Funding Forms and approves promotional materials. The ORC Committee also reviews and makes changes to the Finance Code (Title VIII). The ORC Committee is appointed by the Speaker of the Senate, via senator request.

Meeting Time: Wednesday at 4:00PM

GerstelScott Gerstel

ORC Chair

Ahmed (3)Summer Ahmed

ORC Vice Chair

Legislative, Judicial, and Rules Committee (LJR)

The LJR Committee reviews legislation and recommends changes concerning the Student Government Constitution, Student Body Statutes, and Senate Rules. The LJR Committee is elected by a majority vote of the Senate.

Meeting Time:  Tuesday at 12:00PM

Bonsu Appou

LJR Chair

Joseph Cubow

LJR Vice Chair

Elections and Appointments Committee (E&A)

The E&A Committee interviews and passes favorably or unfavorably appointments made by the Student Body President. The E&A Committee is also responsible for reviewing and making changes to the Elections Statutes (Title VI). The E&A Committee is appointed by the Speaker of the Senate, via senator request.

Meeting Time: Tuesday at 1:30PM

Estefania Fakes

E&A Chair


E&A Vice Chair

Student Body Advocacy Committee (SBA)

The SBA Committee reviews local, state, and federal laws and legislation that directly affect the student body at UCF. The SBA Committee also debates, amends, and passes measures pertaining to Governmental Affairs. The SBA committee is appointed by the Speaker of the Senate, via senator request.

Meeting Time: Tuesday at 10:30AM

Joshua Bolona

SBA Chair


Scilabro (2)Sydney Scilabro

SBA Vice Chair